International Youth Exchange

Erasmus Youth Exchange Programme

As part of an EU ERASMUS funded youth exchange programme, this summer 12 young rowers from Lambeth, including their rowing coaches, travelled to Ireland to participate in a week long cultural youth exchange programme; with an emphasis on rowing and music. Brixton Wings were hosted by Carlow Regional Youth Services (CRYS), who also had 12 young participants from Carlow, and were the main partners of the exchange. Together the 24 young people kayaked in Carlow, rowed on the lakes of Killarney and 'ran a mud slide' in west Cork. The young people worked in mixed teams or squads so as to help nurture and develop lifelong skills and friendships that underpinned the basis for the cultural exchange.

Over the 2019 October mid-term, the 12 young people from Lambeth who travelled to Ireland, hosted the corresponding week long cultural exchange programme of activities and discussions at our Brixton Wings centre in Angell Town. Both groups again formed mixed teams or squads, and participated in indoor rowing events and a regatta at the London Regatta Centre in East London, hosted by London Youth Rowing.One of the most memorable events for the London leg of the exchange, was an evening of International food and music, including an African drum workshop where together, all participants played one of the world's most iconic musical instruments.