After School and mid-term programmes for the children and young people of Lambeth

Main Objectives of Rowing Classes

  • Provide opportunity to learn new skills and participate in an ‘elite’ sport.
  • Provide an opportunity to compete  and represent LB Lambeth at the London Youth Games
  • Gain confidence and good health through sport.


  • Supported Lambeth since 2010
  • Rowers  develop skill sets from positive attitudes, agreeing goals to sharing ideas and race strategy. 
  • The balance of the boat requires high level of concentration and skill which ultimately leads to success and good teamwork and self discipline.
  • Rowers learn to anticipate and follow the ‘stroke’ of the boat to maximise speed and precision.


  • Hard work - on the indoor ergo machines or on water equates to positive results.
  • Discipline – a consistent workout routine requires good time management and discipline.
  • Commitment – team mates rely on each other to maximize results.
  • Team work – team result  dependent on all crew members working together as one.

Rowing Programmes

  • Delivered every half term for the full week
  • 20 learners attend the program per term delivered by London Youth Rowing
  • Brixton Wings works with Lambeth Sports and Lambeth Secondary Schools to identify suitable participants.
  • Team Lambeth provided with Saturday training sessions in preparation for the London Youth Games Regatta.
  • Coaching is provided by London Youth Rowing at  Surrey Docks Water sports Centre and London Regatta Centre
  • In 2015 we hope to include indoor rowing coaching sessions as part of our formal rowing programmes.